I provide consultations for both Bariatric Nutrition as well as Non-surgical Weight Loss.

I can assist you to get off the dieting merry go round and learn how to develop a healthy long lasting relationship with food and your body.

Consultations may be online, via telephone or face to face on the Sunshine Coast.

I feel it is essential to have education coaching and support at every step of your journey-especially in the first 6-12 months. I have designed the 6 consultations Bariatric Package to meet these needs.


The package includes

2 x Pre-surgery consultations

Assessment and detailed education about Bariatric surgery and specifically your type of surgery and nutritional profiling. 


4 x Post Surgery consultations

Detailed education coaching and support at every phase


Bariatric Package 
Ongoing or individual Consultations 

It is highly recommended you continue with coaching and support to ensure new habits and behaviours are firmly instilled as your New Normal-it can be easy for habits to subside when life gets in the way as it may have done for you on occasions in the past.

In my experience 9months, 12 months( when further nutritional bloods should be taken and assessed) and 18months are all very important milestones and consultations at these times help ensure long-lasting success

The Bariatric journey can be challenging and it can be devastating when weight regain occurs.

I have found that connecting with an expert, receiving education coaching and support, having someone to be accountable to and a compassionate understanding ear to listen can make all the difference.

Getting back on track is not as difficult as it seems -  I have helped countless clients through a reset-In no time we will have you feeling fit and healthy again-rediscovering that New You!

Bariatric Reset 

My Approach

 About The Bariatric Dietitian 


The Bariatric Dietitian was created to help support Bariatric patients at every step of their journey.

I would like to work alongside you and help you achieve your goals, to expertly guide and coach you through each of the phases pre and post surgery.


The Bariatric journey can be very challenging, Bariatric surgery is a process, not just a procedure. It's about learning how to make the surgery work for you, about rediscovering the joy of food and a life free from dieting.​

It's about moving your body more and getting joy from actively being involved in life. It's about achieving all your personal goals may they be tying up shoelaces, fitting into airline seats, joining in family events, or finally appearing in photographs!  Not to mention health goals, achieving improving blood sugar and blood pressure, reducing heart attack risk and moving without pain. 


These are monumental achievements and all important measures of your Bariatric Success. 

I will support you to create new healthy relationships with food and your body, to create a
New Healthy You!